Book: Rembrandt Bugatti: Life in Sculpture

Rembrandt Bugatti: Life in Sculpture By Edward Horswell

The first truly comprehensive monograph in English on this important 20th Century artist.

In Rembrandt Bugatti - Life in Sculpture, Edward Horswell examines Bugatti's at times fraught personal life, his relationship with dealers, his position in art history and the wide-ranging artistic influences apparent in his works. It discusses the sculptor's innate empathy for the life of his subjects, and reveals him to be a fascinating figure, independent from, yet not unrelated to the artists of his time.

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Date: 2004
Publisher: Sladmore Gallery
Format: hardcover, 275 p

size: 11.7 x 9.8

Language: English

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  • The Art of Bugatti: Mullin Automotive Museum:
Book: Rembrandt Bugatti: Life in Sculpture
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