Book: Lalique Automotive Art (Hardcover)

Lalique Automotive Art by Vicki A. Mack with Peter W. Mullin.

"This book is a collection of photographs highlighting each individual mascot, with close, intimate views never before seen. It is also a study of Lalique's inspirations for designing each piece, shedding light on the mind of a master at his craft. It is a celebration of the extraordinary man, René Lalique, which I hope you will enjoy." Peter W. Mullin

Patrick Mullin's photographs of the entire collection shed a new light on the amazing details to be found in each piece.


Product Details
Date: 2015
Publisher: Mullin Automotive Museum
Format: Hardcover which includes a cast prototype in acrylic of the Lalique "Kneeling Nude" (Chrysis) , 110 p
Language: English

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Book: Lalique Automotive Art (Hardcover)
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