Book: Bugatti Veyron: A Quest for Perfection

Bugatti Veyron: A Quest for Perfection. The story of the greatest car in the world, written by Martin Roach

"A Quest for Perfection, number one bestselling author Martin Roach sets out to track down the mythical beast that is a Bugatti Veyron - and ultimately attempts to drive on. He travels across Europe to trace the genesis of this remarkable machine by interviewing famous engineers, super-rich owners and automotive presidents, as well as a host of other expert eye-witnesses to this unique car's many achievements. Part history, part personal obsession, part travelogue, part humorous quest: in pondering this mechanical whirlwind, Roach has written a page-turning study of a modern masterpiece."

Written with the full support of Bugatti.

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Date: 2011
Publisher: Preface Publishing Random House
Format: Hardcover
Language: English

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  • Bugatti Veyron: A Quest for Perfection:
Bugatti Veyron: A Quest for Perfection
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