Book: Bugatti: The Man and The Marque

BUGATTI: The Man and the Marque, by Jonathan Wood, Foreword by Barrie Price. "This painstakingly researched book is the first major reappraisal of the life of artist engineer Ettore Bugatti and his extraordinary cars to appear since 1963." "Fully illustrated throughout, Bugatti The Man and the Marque is enhanced by many hitherto unpublished photographs" (Barry Price)

Ettore Bugatti built about 7,800 cars between 1910 and 1939, and the survivors are among the most sought-after cars in the world today. This book describes all the models, charts the switchback fortunes of the Bugatti marque, and chronicles the name's revival, which began in Italy in 1988. Comprehensively illustrated, and written in a straightforward style, this book will appeal to past and present Bugatti owners, along with all those who have inspired to the ownership of this most sought after of motors cars.

Winner of 'The Society of Automotive Historian's' Cugnot Award


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Date: 2007
Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd.
Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
Language: English

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  • Bugatti: The Man and the Marque:
Bugatti: The Man and the Marque
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